How to Wake Up and Not feel Tired – 4 Simple Hacks To Improve Your Sleep

How To Wake Up and Not Feel Tired - 4 Simple Hacks To Improve Your Sleep

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Do you wake up each morning feeling tired, groggy, and not really refreshed?

Or Maybe you even have the feeling that no matter what time you go to bed or even how much preparation you make you just cannot wake up feeling the way you truly want to.

Well, you are not alone.

I just recently spent the last 4 months examining my sleep patterns and then charting down what worked for my sleep habits and what did not.

Being able to understand how to control how you sleep and what you feel like when you wake up will unlock a treasure chest full of positives

While growing up I would sleep sparatically and not get the rest that I needed. This then led to my productivity going down and even days where I would sleep for 12-13 hours.

Once I started working on my hobbies and growing little businesses I also noticed the impact my tiredness had on them.

This is when I tried everything in the books to get my sleep down. I exercised more, drank more water, and even went to bed later.

I can just tell you now that going to bed later will not work, trust me.

So now is the time that you start changing the way you feel when you wake up.

While there are no perfect methods to getting there are a few things that can help you feel 100% in the mornings.

Put Your Phone Down

It cannot be denied that we live in a digital world now, we are more on our phones, laptops and other devices then we have ever been before.

What you might not know is that these devices can mess up your sleep patterns drastically.

Have you heard of sleep enhancing pill Melatonin? Yeah the little tablets you can get at the pharmacy to help you fall asleep.

A cool thing about melatonin is it is a hormone that is naturally produced when it get’s dark. When you look at your phone at night it emits a blue light which signals your body to think it is morning.

This will then signal your body to stay awake. That is the total opposite of what you want.

When you start trying to go to sleep how close is your phone to you at night? It is probably right next to you like most peoples would be.

In 2012 Time/Qualcomm Conducting a poll asking individuals were they placed their phone and how well they slept and how they felt when they woke up.

As you can see the individuals that had it within reach had the highest failure rate for getting to sleep and keeping a full sleep.

What I found that worked for me is to place it close enough that I can hear the alarm but also far enough that I will have to get up and go get it.

Having it far from my bed helps me keep off of it at night and get to sleep.

This is because you will have to get up and shut your alarm off.

Developing Great Sleep Patterns

My sleep patterns become so bad that one night I would sleep for 12 hours then the next night I would get 4 hours of sleep. This made everything I tried to do a lot harder.

Comment below your wildest sleep patterns!

I could go down a rabbit hole on the different amounts of sleep patterns out there.

Anywhere from:

  • Monophasic Sleep
  • Segmented Sleep
  • Siesta Sleep

Those are just a few of them though, Polyphasic Sleep did a great in depth article on all the different sleep patterns out there.

What we will focus on are the 2 most popular sleep patterns, MonoPhasic and Segmented Sleep.

Monophasic Sleep

This is the one most people in the world tend to use. It calls for you to get anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep.

Though it is what a lot of experts recommed it isnt the most popular sleep cycle..

A lot of patients have stated that they do not feel fully awake some days and some days they feel great. So the tests were hit and miss.

What I found from sleep for 9 hours a day was that I woke up feeling like I still didn’t get enough sleep so I started skipping out on this sleep cycle.

I would still test it for you though, what does not work for me might just work for you!

If you want to read more into Monophasic Sleep Patterns.

Segmented Sleep

When I started analyzing which sleep patterns were best for me I looked back to how I originally slept.

I would sleep for around 6 hours then wake up and fall back asleep for another 2-4. While I originally thought that it was bad for me I stumbled upon Segmented Sleep.

Basically Segmented Sleep patterns are two sections of sleep. The photo above shows two sections of 3.5 hours of sleep but you can adjust this for what works for you.

I found that in the middle you can become super productive, this is actually where I get most of my ideas for various things.

If you want to learn more on Segmented Sleep.

While these are just a few different patterns you can learn more on the other ones. I would recommend trial and erroring all these to figure out what works best for you.

Note: It might take around a week to get adjusted to each one.

Upgrading Your Bed = Upgrading Your Life

Did you know that in your lifetime you will spend approximately 229,691 hours sleeping.

That is basically a third of your life on a bed or whatever you choose to sleep on.

That means if you do not upgrade your bed right now you will sleeping on rusty springs for a third of your life.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound appealing to me either ha ha.

I used to sleep on a bed that had springs throughout the whole mattress, this caused me to toss and turn all night.

Which lead to me waking up and not getting a full night’s sleep.

While bed’s can add up in cost fairly quickly you really do not need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a mattress. You just need one that suits your body well.

A great place I noticed that usually have great prices on beds and you can also buy them online is Ikea.

Stop With The Bedtime Caffeine

Have you ever had 10 cups of coffee in a day? Well I can start by saying that was one of the main reasons I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.

Before I switched to drinking water throughout the day I would start my morning with a cup of coffee. Just like anyone else would. Then I would add more and more cups because I thought it was helping me stay awake.

Though it isn’t bad to drink caffeine throughout the day. Just do not do it any time near your bedtime.

The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine did a study on the effects of caffeine before you go to sleep.

They found that if you drink caffeine 6 hours before you go to sleep that is when it starts having effects on your sleep. They did the test all the way up to 3 hours before their patients went to sleep.

What I have found works for me is to drink water throughout the day. It will keep you hydrated and also keep you awake.

Let’s Recap

Okay, now that we have some simple ways to start getting better sleep at night we can start applying it.

Whatever you might be battling at night remember there is always a solution. While some of those tips up above might work for others they might not also work for you.

Just make sure to keep testing and working towards it. Just get started.

If you have any other tips make sure to drop them in the comments!

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How to Make an Extra $100 This Weekend

How To Make An Extra $100 This Weekend

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So you want to make an extra $100 today huh? Maybe you want to take your partner out to dinner or you want to get that new T.V or maybe you even want to invest and get on your way to financial freedom. Whatever the reason is, get ready to hustle this weekend because we are going to make $100+.

Making an extra $100 isn’t as hard as you think it will just take a little bit of creative thinking and hard work. While these methods aren’t guaranteed they will get you close to making your goal if you work hard and get the ball rolling.

So let’s get going.

Yard Sales

When I was younger my grandmother would take us kids out every weekend and go to town and visit every garage sale. Though our main intent wasn’t to sell what we found, it would intrigue us what other people decided to get rid of.

If you have children you can take them with you also, they would have the time of their life I promise.

That is the beautiful thing about yard sales, they can become a family business. You can teach your children about being an Entrepreneur and working hard. Yard Sales occur almost every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays which can potentially turn your income into weekly events.

Yard Sales are great to make extra cash at because people are usually wanting to get rid of items for relatively cheap and then you can go ahead and turn a profit online.

What’s that saying?

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

Well, that is exactly what it is your treasure. The variety of different things you can find at a yard sale is amazing.  A man once bought a painting at a yard sale for $45 then later got it appraised for almost 200 million dollars. While you can have that kind of luck let’s focus on what we can turn a profit on.

So before you just go out and start spending cash let’s get some ideas of what we are looking for:

  • Books – If you find a lot of books you can repost them on eBay and sell them pretty fast. Books hold their value well. This is the same with weapons. Though I would watch out reselling weapons at first.
  • Art – Though pictures can be a gamble the turnout can be pretty large, I take a photo of the actual painting and google search it. This will show any similar paintings.
  • Kid’s Toys – Kids toys are a great way to turn around a quick profit. Mom’s love buying used clean toys just because it will just get ruined quickly anyways.

Once you have found something that you think could turn a profit. You will need a few items to make a nice listing on some of the platforms you will be selling on.

Here are the items:

  • Black Backdrop – You will need this backdrop for the images you will be posting. When you use backdrops it shows the buyer that you are more trustworthy, as there are a few scams on eBay and Facebook from time to time.
  • Camera – Your camera doesn’t have to be a $3,000 camera but it does need to be one that takes good photos. If you are posting crappy photos you will not get people buying your product, think of your image as a doorway to your listing. The better the door the most people want to come in.
  • An Account – The way this will work is thinking about how many different places you can get the item onto. With the number of social media platforms and selling platforms, it shouldn’t take long to get your product sold. You can use the following websites. CraigslistFacebook Market, eBay, this will give you a good start on traffic.

After you get all of these things down it should be no time before you get the item sold. I just want you to know that if it is not a good item that it might never sell. So you need to take into account the possibility of your item not selling.

If you can get past that then you will be golden. Just keep testing and selling :)!

 Drive with Lyft Or Uber

If you have a reliable car and some extra time then you can become a Lyft Or Uber driver. Basically what this means is that you will be a contracted Taxi.

Though you will not be an actual “Taxi”, you will be getting riders from point A to point B. This extra income can actually pay for your car payment or anything else you might be paying. It has been shown that on some busy weekends that drivers can earn up to $400. I know we said we were just trying to make $100, but I will take the larger number.

You are probably thinking to yourself “Wow I don’t want a random stranger in my car”. Well, I thought that too before I looked further into the service. The driver get’s to decide if he wants to give the client the ride, they usually have a profile with a user rating from past drivers. This will help you know if it will be a good fit for you.

The process of becoming a driver is very simple and well described on their websites. I will link both of them below.

You can browse through both of their sites and see which is the best for you. You will also be able to find more in-depth information than I provided here.


Deliver Food

This section will actually be a sub-service of what listed above. Uber has now offered a server called “Uber Eats”. Basically what UberEats does is deliver food that you ordered through your app.

So think of this kinda like a pizza delivery man but not really. If you live in a larger city then you will benefit more from this then you guys who live in smaller ones.

How this works is that the user will put all their card information into the app and place their order at a list of selected restaurants. Once they place the order it will be sent to you with the details, and you will go to the restaurant and pick the order up and deliver it.

Here is a video that can explain it better for you!

Write Lists for List Verse

If you are a good writer or just have a bunch of random top 10’s in your head then this can be your best way to make some extra cash. ListVerse is a website that publishes different types of lists.

What I mean by a list is that they publish articles like:

  • Top 10 Factories in the UK
  • 15 Favorite Dog Treats
  • 7 Best Colors For Weddings

In other terms you can actually write about anything, they just want more and more content on their website. The beautiful thing about them wanting content is that they are willing to pay a great deal for it. If your article gets approved you will be making $100 per article.

That means if you are a decent writer that can pump out 4 articles then you could potentially make $400 in 1 day, so $800 the whole weekend.

To able to get paid for your articles make sure you take some of these writing techniques into account:

  • Clickable Titles – What I mean by this is that you need to write a title that envokes curiosity, something that gets the user to click and want to learn more.
  • Interesting List – Though some of the articles get repeated just in different articles try to write about something that could gain traffic. Make sure that you enjoy the content and you are knowledgeable about it. This will help with viewer engagement and list verse asking for you to write more articles.
  • Formatting – This is a big one. You need to make sure that the user can read the article and stay interested. I have written an article on how to write better. I think this will help you get articles that will be read more throughout.

If you combine all of these little tips you will be on your way to making money as a writer. Making money as a writer is super easy since you can literally do it from almost anywhere.

Mechanical Turk

This option has been around for a while but still hasn’t caught much traction. Basically what Amazon did was create a website in which people request little tasks to be done. Most of the time it is business people that do not have time to do it.

That is where you come in though, you have the whole weekend to complete their busy work!

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6 Effective Ways To Start Working Harder Image

How to Work Harder – 6 Effective Ways To Start Working Harder

How To Work Harder - 6 Effective Ways To Start Working Harder

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Learning how to work harder is  daily battle for millions of people on earth.

We are all trying to understand how to motivate ourselves, how to not get distracted, and how to just get more done.This is what everyone faces so do not think you are alone. The great thing about working hard is that it can be taught and learned.

How To Work Harder Main Image

There would be a time where I would spend all day writing an article because I would get distracted and not work as hard as I could. Now what took all day is taking me only an hour.

Learning some of these key steps can do major improvements on your work ethic and your life.

Though it cannot be done in a day or a month it can be done. Everyone takes their own set amount of time to start developing new habits.

We will go over some key steps to improving your work ethic. Though this might not work exactly for you can take certain things you like and apply them to your life. Throughout this whole process, you need to be optimistic because there will be some bumpy roads.

Set Time Frames

Learning how to set productive and efficient time frames is one the key steps to start gaining your work ethic back. Our body loves doing new things, and if you have a little bit of ADHD like me then you can spend all day doing a bunch of random things.

Have you ever noticed when you start working that you get tired and get distracted really easily? Well, that is because your focus probably isn’t built fully up.

You might not even have a work ethic problem, it might just be a focus. I have met tons of people that they can work so hard but their focus sent them on the wrong path.

It is totally okay though, a lot of people in the world actually haven’t been able to fully learn the concept of focus.

The interesting thing about focus is that it can be trained just like any other thing. We will just need to work on it. I have been using time frames, this sets my brain in a work mode for my allocated time then rest in the breaks.

What I mean by this is:

  • Allocated Time – This is the time you will perform your hardest. Start by setting your stopwatch for 30 minutes, during that 30 minutes do not do anything else except for the task at hand. This will start training your brain to stay focused on one thing. No one likes a wondering brain.
  • Breaks – For every 30 minutes of work you can take a 10-20 minute break to recharge and congratulate yourself. The great thing about this break period is that you have the time to think about what you could have done quicker and get ready for your next work session.

Once you start getting your time frames down and productivity up you can start setting goals to make yourself even more efficient, I will explain further down in the article on ways to set goals.

From my experience you can start seeing result almost immediately if you start setting working periods, it helped me because I knew that I had to work in that period compared to make just wanting to work.

Work For A Reason

It has been shown for thousands of years that humans work best if they have a reason to work. We just do not do things for no reason, and if you do you wouldn’t be reading this article.

If you work hard and you do your best, you can do anything – Erin Heatherton

Whatever your reason is, make sure to accept it. No matter how bad it is.

Like Gary Vaynerchuck said, it doesn’t matter what your motivation is. Accept it and keep going, we all have different motivators. While yours might be to buy that new car mine might be to build a company that makes a broader impact.

We need to learn to accept our motivators and keep moving. That means pushing out everyone’s opinions and keep working. Because remember Hard Work, Works!

Figure Out Your Sleep Schedule

Studies have shown a distinct correlation between your work ethic and the actual amount of sleep you get. They have also noticed that people can do better at different sleep cycles.

Understanding when you work hardest is a key step to learning how to perform at 100% all the time. Sleep is a very valuable thing if it is used correctly. You and I know people who probably sleeps 12-13 hours a day, though they get a lot of sleep a lot of their life is spent sleeping.

That is not us though, we need to figure out what set time is best for us. Each person has a different amount of sleep they can survive and thrive on. For myself, I need 8 hours of sleep to function properly. I have tried 6 hours, 4 hours, and different sleep cycles.

AsapScience did a very great job on explaining the different amounts of sleep you need. Like I said above, each person has a different amount of sleep they need. Just make sure when you wake up you can feel alert enough to know that you need to work harder.

Because what is the point to waste 3 hours trying to tell yourself to work harder when you could have slept for 1.5 more hours and worked the other 1.5.

Set Goals

I mentioned this one briefly in the first section, goal setting is one of the biggest keys to helping you work harder. Effective goals can show how much time you spent on a task, which tasks are important, and what you still need to do.

Having goals and benchmarks will help you visually see your progress. And honestly, after you start seeing 10 things crossed off it starts becoming addicting. Though do not set little goals, you need a nice medium between stretch goals and goals that you can knock out.

You can start by having a few different types of goals on your list:

  • Important Tasks – These tasks need to be done first, these are Vitale for your day to keep going. Some examples can be taking a shower and getting to work. Just insert yours.
  • Little Additives – I like to call these the little additive section because the more you add the more little things you can get done. I like adding little things like, do the dishes, publish another pinterest image. It’s the little things that can help you add a little more joy.
  • What you want – Yes work is on the schedule 24/7 but you cannot forget about things you want to do. Remember that saying “Work hard, Play Hard”. Think of it in that retrospect. You always want to reward yourself for doing well.

Take Control

Ultimately working harder is all up to you. It’s about how bad you want to change your life and how much you want t to get done. Working hard is different in each person’s eyes, what I find as hard work might be different from what you find hard work to be.

Tai Lopez actually had a great way of explain this:

The Amish have a incredibly work ethic, we went to bed at 7pm and woke up at 4:30am. Once we came in for lunch we have already completed 8 hours of labor then we would go back out and complete another 8 hours.

We all have our different ideas of what hard work is, if you are trying to work harder for a boss figure out what his idea of hard work is. This will tell you where your work ethic needs to be.

If you do not start taking control of your life and your work ethic you will be in the same place you were last year reading this article. There is another good quote I have used in another article on habits.

If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten – Tony Robbins

Time To Make Progress

Remember this will take time and will not be perfect 24/7. It is all about trial and error. I am interested in hearing how your progress has been! Leave a comment below and thank you for reading!

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7 Creative Ways To Make Money

7 Creative Ways To Make Money

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Finding creative ways to make money can be tricky at times. Though like I have said before, with the power of the internet anything is possible now. The great thing about finding creative ways to make money online is that it can take you from dreading work to actually having some fun.

You can find ways to make money ranging from selling colored hair all the way to holding written signs of what users request. It can be quite comical what you can find.

1.Design T-Shirts

If you go to any store around the world there is most likely an 80% chance that there will a T-Shirt selection for sale, this is only counting brick and mortar stores. if you go online this statistic goes out the roof. That is where you come in though!

You are probably thinking “But I do not have a creative bone in my body”, that is the amazing thing about this. You do not need to be super creative. There is literally a market for everything. If you have a little joke that you thought was hilarious then you can post it on a T-Shirt, you can’t be the only one who thought it was funny!

T-Shirts are a representation of who you are and what you like, that is why there is such a demand. People want another way to express themselves.

It is super easy to get started designing and get your first T-Shirt to your door step.

First we will need an idea, get out a piece of paper and pen. Now start writing quotes, jokes and little images that might pop into your mind. Anything works, just do what you find funny. Now that you have some ideas down you can use a few different programs to actually make it a design.

Here are few:

  • Canva – Canva is a great free image editor with a various amount of tools, you can also pay for more premium options if desired. I actually use Canva to create all of my images across the website, I love it because it is an in-browser editor and I do not need to download any programs.
  • Photoshop – You have probably heard of Photoshop, it is one of the leading design software’s in the industry. Photoshop is great if you are a little more advanced with the platform. Though if you are willing to learn there are plenty of video and web-based tutorials. Photoshop does cost though, it will $35 per month, for everything you get it is well worth it and your return could be skyrocketed.
  • BeFunky – I have only had a little experience with platform but from what I have used it was great. The platform is free and web based so you will not need to download anything. You can use collage maker, photo editor and a lot more variants.

Now that you were able to get a graphic designed you can start going through the process of getting it on a T-Shirt and making some money off of it.

The best place I have found to print T-Shirts is VistaPrint , they have a lot of options for T-Shirts to print on and usually have sales on most of them. If you are having issues raising funds for you T-Shirts like Tee Spring to start raising funds.

TeeSpring is basically a group funding website for t-shirt, think of it as a pre-order system. You have people donate money to get an initial order out.

2.Start Developing Websites

I started learning how to develop websites in my early years of high school and have been doing it from time to time. The thing I love about developing websites is seeing the process from start to finish. Since you are developing an actual product you will be able to see every step from it.

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs

There are around 665 million websites and counting so the market is going up, that is where you come in. Once you learn how to develop a website you will be able to keep that skill with you for the rest of your life. If you get good enough, company’s will pay anywhere from $1,000 – $10,000 for a website.

Though it will take a little bit of learning you can get the hang of it very quickly. There are a few great websites to get you on the track to start learning.

Here are some:

  • Codeacedemy – I love using codeacedemy for the amount of different languages it has. You can honestly learn every language out there with the amount of tutorials they have on the website. All of their tutorials are very easy to through also.
  • Code – is a platform that was created to get people to code for at least one hour a day. While this platform is based for the younger generation you can still learn a whole lot from it.

3.Write For Blogs

Writing for a blog can become a great way to make some extra money. While the number of actual blogs are growing so are the writers.

I have had days when I had no time to write so I needed someone to write a rough draft for me. You can write about almost anything, the different variety of blogs are numerous. There are blogs about cats, drones, chicken recipes. I could go on for days on all the different topics of blogs. So do not think what you enjoy you cannot write about.

I have noticed that once blogs start growing more and more the actual owners have less time to write. Though they do want to put out more content for their viewers, finding the time becomes almost impossible.

The easiest way to find if a blog needs another writer is just to google your interests and find a correlating blog. Once you find one you shoot them an email asking if they need writers.

Writing for a Blog Company

Another way you can make money from writing blog post is using websites that pay you for the traffic that your brings. What I mean is that you write for a website that runs ads and then they will pay a percentage of what those ads bring in.

Some great websites that offer this are:

  • HubPages – I actually wrote a few articles on HubPages a while back and earned around $45, even though I was only 18 it was a nice way of making an extra passive income. Just like I stated above, you will write a article and they will place ad’s on it and you will receive a percentage of the revenue from the ads.
  • WriteEdge – WriteEdge is similar to HubPages in the way you write for them to return a profit. The only difference between them is that WriteEdge pays you around .50 cents per view. So if you can get a lot of views it will add up a lot.


When I say Fiverr has everything, I mean it has everything. I could actually write a whole separate article on all the services and opportunities that Fiverr provides. Basically Fiverr is an online site in which you do freelancing for other people.

You can do all sorts services like:

  • Copywriting
  • Logo Design
  • Video Editing
  • Music Creation

The list could go on for days depending on what you are looking for. Here is a great video explaining fiverr and how to create a successful gig.

6.Use Airbnb

Do you have an extra room in your house that you do not use? Maybe a kid went off to college and you do not use it anymore? Well you can start using it to make some extra money each month.

If you have been reading the news you have probably heard of the service called Airbnb. Airbnb is a app/website that helps humans find home around the world to rent. So let’s so you are going to Los Angeles but do not want to rent a hotel, you can get on the app and find rooms/houses that are for rent.

While you are probably wonder if this can be safe inviting someone into your house. Airbnb has stated clearly how much work goes into screening the people renting houses.

Some of the benefits of being a renter are:

  • Monthly Income – If you are making monthly payments on your house then this is a great way to start chiseling down the payments.
  • Set Your Own Price – Since you are renting a room out of your house you can choose the price they pay. So if you live in a larger city that has a great deal of events you can raise prices on those days.
  • You choose Your Renters – Renting out your room doesn’t just go to anyone. Before they can stay you can approve or deny them and go on to the next one. This is great for single people renting out rooms.

While using your house as an Airbnb can be a great way to make a passive income on something you do not use you will have to make sure it stays clean and usable.

7.Sell Free Things on Craigslist

I have mentioned this method briefly in another article. So I will try to explain deeper into methods to make money selling free items off of craigslist. If you go to Craigslist you will be able to navigate to the free section of craigslist.

This is where people have no need to sell the item and just want it gone. What this means to you is that it is almost straight profit, minus gas to pick it up.  What you do is look at the item and go ahead and look it up on google/amazon and see what the price is for the product. If it is worth anything you can go ahead pick it up.

Once you pick it up you can sell it on sites like:

  • Facebook
  • Craigslist
  • Amazon

You have a chance to make almost 100% profit on all the items you pick up. Which if its free you will be making profit every time you pick up something. That is great.


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5 Steps To Having a Powerful Morning

5 Key Steps To Having A Powerful Morning

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Remember that last time you had a really good morning then the rest of the day just magically become better? Well, that is the power of a structured morning routine.

It has been shown time after time the power in which a good morning has. If you look deeper into it, it actually makes sense. Just like the opening paragraph to book the first couple hours of your morning will help make way for the rest of your morning.

While what works for me might not work for you, but you can take some things from my schedule to put into yours. It’s all about testing and seeing what works.


It has been shown countless times the power of having a great breakfast. Richard Branson the CEO of Virgin Airlines likes to eat an Old Fashioned, high fiber breakfast each morning. He is just 1 of a few though.

We as human beings have the amazing capacity to be reborn at breakfast everyday and say, “This is a new day.” – Jack Kornfield

Breakfast is one of the most powerful meals during the day, this is because it starts getting your body going. When your body goes to sleep it then jumps into a fasting period when you wake up your body needs those nutrients. That is where breakfast comes in, to refuel your body.

Some great breakfast examples could be:

  • Pancakes & Eggs – Pancakes can be a great breakfast choice in the mornings. This is mainly because of its versatility. You can make vegan pancakes, protein pancakes, most anything you can think of. Sided with some orange juice. Yum! Here are my favorite Protein pancake recipes.
  • Oats & Coffee – I love this selection because of the oats. You can really flavor oats to anything you would like. Paired with the coffee it is a great way to jump-start your morning. There is a really good coffee out there.
  • Cereal – This is a quick one if you do not have the time to make an actual breakfast. You can just toss some honey bunches of oats and some almond or 2% milk on getting on with your day. These both provide a good amount of nutritional value.

The key to getting the perfect breakfast is to understand what works for you. If you do not have the time in the morning to make a full 5-course meal then you can stick to the basics. If time is on your side more power to you. Just do what works for you.


If you have read much into routines and personal growth then you have probably heard how powerful your mind is. The mind can do things we haven’t even begun to realize yet. So it is very important to start learning how to control your thoughts.

Okay when I am talking about controlling your thoughts, I am not talking about how lucy used 99% of her brain and slowed down time. I am talking about what you think about and how you view different things.

There are a few different things in which you can “control” your mindset.

Here are some examples:

  • Positive Thoughts – Making sure your thoughts are positive will lead to you thinking everything is positive. You have probably noticed how easy it is to get things done if you’re in a great mood. Compared to being upset and feeling like the day is dragging on.
  • Remain In The Moment – I once had a mentor that explained how we can’t always be thinking about what happened in the past. Yes, we can learn from it but not live in it. Remaining in the moment will help you plan what you can do differently today.


Our body loves habits when you think about it every day you are technically on autopilot.

Our body has been developing habits since we were born. Some of the habits you can actually thank your parents for, you probably never wondered why you brush your teeth every morning or how you take a shower every day without even thinking about it.

That is what a habit will do to you, and that what routine will help you develop. Setting a routine that is efficient and will help you develop new healthy habits will get you started to have a perfect morning every day.


As PracticalPyschology stated, using all these habits will not make you successful but we can model them.


Did you know you spend around 1/3 of your life sleeping or on a bed? That is why it blows my mind when I see people with old metal matresses. Okay, I am not saying you need to go and spend a fortune on a mattress. But you do need to have a comfortable mattress in your bedroom.

But you need to take into account how you are going to feel when you wake up. I used to wake up and have to crack my back in almost 10 different ways to get feeling decent. You probably have the same feeling some mornings.

There is usually plenty of mattress stores online and even in an actual store. The great thing about going into a store is you get to really have a feeling for what you will be sleeping on.

Some good places to start shopping are:

  • Ikea: Originally based in Sweden, Ikea is a great choice for buying furniture. Though they do have some online choices it is best to go into the actual. Think of a giant mall but just full of furniture. It is a cool experience.
  • Nebraska Furniture Mart: Known as the mall of Americas of furniture stores this is a great option if you need variety.
  • Us Mattress: this is one of the largest online retailers of mattresses. They carry almost every single brand.

5.Know Your Goals

This section can correlate with section 3, knowing your goals will get you one step closer to accomplishing them. How can you accomplish something if you do not know what you need to accomplish?

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” – Fitzhugh Dodson

Most highly successful people either create their to-do list the night before or that morning.

Benjamin Franklin woke up every morning and said to himself “What will I do great today”.

Setting goals that are achievable but that can also stretch your mindset is the goal here. If you want to learn more about how to set goals, check out this article.                  

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How to Manage Your Time As A Student

5 Proven Methods To Organize Your Time Better - Managing Your Time As A Student

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Oh how writing this post will be a blast from the past. I have tons of stories where my schedule was super hectic and not being able to manage my time. While it can be done it will take a little bit extra effort on your part. But it will be well worth it.

We all know how hectic your schedule can get. Trying to juggle school, sports, work, family and other after school clubs. The sad this is now days those are just the least of it.

Understanding how to manage your time as a student will help you decrease stress and make sure you get everything done that is needed. This will potentially free up some more time also. Which you can try out that after school club you have been looking at!

1.Try Everything But Do Not Do Everything

I was the kid in school that thought he could attend every sport and every club and still manage my life. I would say yes to about anything anyone asked me to do. Whether that be an afterschool club, or a local soccer game. Well it ended very quickly and luckily I found some ways to get everything I wanted done.

You can just imagine how that went.

“The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done; men and women who are creative, inventive and discoverers, who can be critical and verify, and not accept, everything they are offered.” Jean Piaget

While it is okay to try things throughout your school career please try not to constantly do everything. This will wear you very thin and potentially not let you do anything. Like a good quote I’ve heard, The master of everything is the master of nothing. Which he means that you cannot be the master of everything. So find what is the best thing for you.

The best way I started figuring out what was necessary was my junior year, I sat and wrote down what all was vital to my future goals and how I could achieve them faster.

If you do not know which path you are going yet, try new things but do not make it where your schedule is one after another. You will burn out very quick.

2.Get A Planner

Using a planner or a schedule can make your time in school almost a 1000% easier. With the amount of things that are going on in your life you will have a lot of trouble trying to keep track. This could potentially lead you to miss important events or anything else that isn’t wrote down.

The great thing about planners is that they are so diverse. You can literally do anything with them, which is such a plus. I have seen so many different types of planners.

Here are a few different ideas:

  • Bullet Planners – If you are a crafty person then this will be a great choice for you. It might take some extra time but you can really design it anyway you feel like. I have seen some crazy planners designed.
  • School Planners – Most schools now offer planners at the beginning of the year or they are usually in the office. If you just need something to write down events in this might be the best bet for you.
  • Store Bought Planners – If you are looking for something specific going to your local office store or shopping on line might be your best bet. These places offer tons of different options.

That is what I love about planners, you can make it yours.

3.Develop A Sleep Schedule

Developing a sleep schedule can be hard as a student due to the extra amount of homework you can do. There can be nights where you want to be in bed by 8 pm but do not get to bed until 12 A.m. Oh how I do not miss those nights.

This video does a really good job on explain night routines. As all these might not work for you, you can pull little tips from it and develop your own routine.

As hard as it might be start trying to develop a sleep schedule, this in turn well help you be more alert during the day. So when you try to do extra activities you can be awake and ready.

4.Get Work Done In Your Free Time

Managing a schedule is all about getting everything done you can. That is why you need to use all the time you can during the school hours so you can accomplish more at night. Most of the schools are offering study hours nowadays, these are great for getting assignments done the same days.

If offered, I would recommend choosing a study hour at the end of the day so you can complete everything that was assigned that day.

Some other great times to get work done are:

  • Down Time – If your teacher is alright with it you can work on extra assignments when there is down time in classes. Though you will be constantly working for 8 hours it will free up a lot of time for the rest of the day.
  • Lunch – Though this time is mainly used for eating and socializing. You can take full advantage of this hour. If you ask any teacher if you can use their classroom during lunch they would be more than happy to let you work more.

Using these little periods to get more work done will ultimately free up time later in your schedule. So if you wanted to try out that club after school you will have time to do it.

5.Balance Your Self

“I see a world on the edge of a blade. Without balance, it will fall.”  ― Victoria Aveya

I love Victoria’s quote about balancing. Until we tip over we do not fully understand the importance of having a balanced life. This trick can be a little bit harder to achieve. But the more you practice at it the better it can impact your life.

If you look at your life right now you probably would of think of it as a jumbled mess. That is the great thing about balance is it makes you in control of you life. You set what needs to be a priority.

Some way’s to achieve balance are:

  • Your Needs – One of the first steps to having a balanced life is just like a budget, what are your needs? What can you not live without. So you would include school as a need on your list. That is something you have to do.
  • Your Health – A lot of people think health comes second to work but you can’t do anything if your sick or hurt. That is why it is recommended that you workout at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Experiences – You need to have time for things that you find fun, that will also help you grow. So many people just work 24/7 and do not experience the life they are living. Go out sometimes.


These are just a few various tips and tricks to managing your time as a student. While there is no set way to making a perfect time management schedule, just like anything else you will need to test and see what works for you.

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How To Make More Money – 6 Surprising Methods To Make A Lot More Money

How to Make More Money - 6 Surprising Methods To Make A Lot more Money

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Learning how to make more money can help you afford that item you saw in the store the other day or it can help you start saving for it. The variety of things you can do with some extra cash is endless.

The great thing is that there are tons of ways that you can learn how to make more money.

1.Read Books

Reading has been a very underrated and undervalued way to start making more money. Though you can sell them the route I am referring to is reading them. There is a nice quote by Jim Rohn about self-education.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

The thing about books is that there not only used for learning how to make more money. Reading a book can do a variety of beautiful things. When you sit down and start reading a book you get brought into a different world. You are understanding someone else’s mind. I could go on all day about it, it is a beautiful thing.

Here are some different books that can help you learn how to make more money:

While these are just a few books you can read on the topic of learning how to make more money. There are thousands if not millions of books that will offer insights.

Do not worry if you are not a great reader. There are tons of ways that can help you read faster and comprehend better.

2.Work Hard Because Hard Work, Works.

It has been proven time after time that hard work wins the battle. Like I said in another article, the man that works harder and more consistent is the first to the finish line.

You probably have heard of the billionaire Elon Musk. You know the one that wants to inhabit Mars, create a hyperloop around the country, and revolutionize how we view renewable energy. Yes, that guy. He was in a video talking about hard work and I think you would greatly benefit watching it.

Elon does a very great job of describing 3 things that successful entrepreneurs can do to succeed. If you are not wanting to become an entrepreneur you can still follow these methods.

Fun Fact: Something that I found to help me when I get discouraged is to understand the purpose of your work. When I get discouraged or do not want to do something I look to my end goal, I think of it as a stepping stone.

This makes it seem more like progress then hard work.

3.Remove Your Toxic Habits

Understand which habits are toxic in your life is one of the first steps in learning how to make more money. If you are still doing the same things you were doing 10 years ago then you will still get the same results.

“If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten” – Tony Robins

At first, it might be hard to figure out which habits are toxic and which ones are providing growth. Given that we can be biased towards yourself you can take these steps to diagnose a bad habit:

  • Use A Friend – Using a friend is a great way to know the habits that aren’t getting you anywhere. Try to use someone that has been around you for a while. Also make sure they are honest, if they are not, you would be better off accessing yourself.
  • Set Your Goals – If you are trying to save money then going out to eat every night will not get you any closer to that goal. Figuring out toxic habits is easier when you know where you are going. You can also give your list to a friend and have them observe you for a week or two.

As Brian Tracy stated

“Bad habits are easy to form, but hard to live with. Good habits are hard to form, but easy to live with. And as Goethe said, ‘Everything is hard before it’s easy.” – Brian Tracy

You probably have that habit that is so second nature. An example is that when you wake up you automatically take a shower and brush your teeth. That is a habit, it was formed when we were young and our parents had us do it every day thus creating a consistency.

Habits are a very interesting thing to look into. If you want to learn more about how to set good habits.

4.Effective Goal Setting

Just like you saw in the section above, goal setting is a very powerful thing. Effective goal setting has been linked back thousands of years to successful entrepreneurs. Basically, when you know where you are going it is easier to plan out the steps to get there.

In other terms, that is what goal setting is. You decide what you want your end result to be then you plan steps to get there accordingly.

An example of effective goal setting is:

  • I want to write 10,000 words a day – This goal is great because you described when you want the goal to be accomplished and what exactly you will accomplish.
  • I want to read for 45 minutes every day – This is another great example because you are describing exactly needs to be done every day. Fun Fact: If you read for about 45 minutes a day you will read around 40 books a year.

Start out by setting goals that are achievable and goals that push the boundaries. You want to be able to achieve goals because you want your body to get addicted to it but you also do not want to get addicted to accomplishing tiny tasks.

You can get addicted to completing tasks just like your body gets addicted to working out. Dopamine Baby!

If you want to learn more about goals and how to set them.

5.Learn Another Skill

Have you ever wanted to take a class to learn another skill? Maybe learning how to write better or even learning how to play the piano?

Well, you definitely should take that class! Because when you learn how to do more things you increase your chances to earn more money. In other terms, if you are applying for a job and you know how to do your job and another position then you are worth more to the company and will be paid more.

“The more you know, the more you will be worth. So be worth a dang” – Anonymous

Companies will take you in a heartbeat if can play the role in multiple different positions. Imagine, if your company just lost a finance person and was falling behind. If you know how to do finances but you are in the IT portion of the company, they will know that you know how to do that job.

This then creates a pay increase and a trust factor that puts you ahead.

Learning how to do different skills can help you in the freelancing world. If you can learn how to optimize web pages for SEO then you can go to companies and websites that need SEO Optimization. So if you are needing to make more money, when you get home from work you can optimize websites for more cash.

The great thing about the internet is that you can learn all these skills mostly online now. Here is a list of platforms that offer courses:

  • Udemy – Udemy is great because they have their normal priced tier courses but they also discount a lot of courses from time to time. So everything can be really affordable.
  • Lynda – Lynda is a wonderful platform due to there variety of courses. They are also a sub-company of Linkedin. You can show your course completions and skills on LinkedIn after you finish.
  • Codecademy – If you are interested in building custom websites and other coding projects. Codecademy provides an easy and interactive learning platform to master any type of coding knowledge.

With the power of the internet learning a new skill has never been so easy. Try it out sometime, you might actually like it.

6.Sell Free Things

I just had the opportunity to watch a GaryVee Ted Talk on making more money. I figured it would be perfect to include into this article for you guys.

If you have been to the website craigslist then you have seen what they have labeled as the Free Section. This is the part of craigslist in which users offer free items to whoever wants it. It can be perfectly good furniture that people don’t have the time and efforts to try and sell.

That is where you come in! It is super easy to take a free couch that is in good condition and sell it for $100.

Some of the different platforms you can resell the items on are:

As you can see there are tons of platforms to be able to turn a profit on these free items. Gary said that he was contacted and told that people had quit their job and was now making 30-40k a year reselling items.

Collection Time

As you can see learning how to make money hasn’t ever been so easy. It is all about making sure you are ready to make the money then figuring out the path. If you are interested in some more side hustles to make money.

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How To Make Good Money – 8 Hidden Careers They Will Never Tell You About

How To Make Good Money - 8 Hidden Careers They Will Never Tell You About

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With the new movement of social media, we only tend to see what other people see and what gets shown to us. In other terms, if an image of a YouTube gets 100k likes then you will see what he/she does all the time. Popular trends get pushed to the front.

You probably hear “I want to be a Youtuber” or “I want to be a social media influencer”.

This means that a lot of careers are being pushed to the back burner. While there is nothing wrong with all these new trends being followed there is an issue with roles that are needing to be filled.

So if you are up for some new ideas on careers keep reading below.

1.Dental Hygienist

Okay if you do not like being around teeth then this one you might want to skip. You have probably heard of a dentist but there are some other careers behind the scenes.

Dental Hyginest

Think of a Dental Hygienist in the same retrospect as a Nurse. While Dental Hygienist can point out possible issues they are in the office to provide cleaning, X-rays, and examination of the teeth.

Some of the other duties performed by Hygienist can include:

  • Restock and Supply Room Supplies
  • Administer local anesthetics
  • Educate the Patient on the policies and practices of the office.

These are just a few of the many things that a Dental hygienist can do. While they are not allowed to diagnose an issue they can point something out that doesn’t seem right to the dentists.

As a Dental Hygienist, you will be the one with the patient the most.

You are probably wanting me to skip this chit-chat and get to the moolah. In 2004 the average salary among Dental Hygienists was 72,910, or a mear $35.05 an hour.

See more information on this career.

2.Commercial Pilots

What is better than traveling the world? Being paid to travel the world!!

Okay while there is a little bit more stress included with this job, the benefits can be extraordinary. If you haven’t ever flown before I would fly somewhere before applying for this position.

If you are wanting to learn more about how to get into this position I will provide a link here.

Some of the key advantages of becoming a pilot are:

  • You can make your won schedule – Pilots are legally only able to fly 1,000 hours per year.
  • Discounted Flights – You will be able to fly with the company you work for very cheap.
  • The View – You can just imagine the view from the cockpit of a jumbo jet.

With all of these benefits, you probably haven’t even wondered what you get paid. Commerical Pilots make an estimated salary of $76,150. Imagine all the food you could get from different countries. Yum.

3.Funeral Service Director

Alright, I am going to do my best to describe this in a pleasing way that will make you choose a new career.

A Funeral Service Director is basically the jack of all trades in the funeral business. They can do roles ranging anywhere from organizing the funeral to talking to the actual family.

Here are some of the roles:

  • Prepare & Preserve the Body
  • Meeting With The Families
  • Helping Families Plan The Services
  • Creating and Placing Obituary in Papers and Online Media

While those are just things they can do there is a whole variety of careers tasks.  If any of that sounded fun to you then you will need to get a 2 to 4-year degree in mortuary science.

All this comes with a hefty salary though, the average salary in 2015 was $70,890.

See more information here.

4. Bingo Manager

When you think of Bingo Manager you probably think of the nursing home Wednesday bingo nights. That is amateur hour compared to the Bingo Managers at a casino.

Think of these guy’s like the CIA to City Police. They run the show.

While it is surprising on how much they actually bring in, they do happen to have a lot of tasks.

Some of their tasks can include:

  • Train New Workers
  • Market Or Promote The Casino, Potentially Bringing In Service
  • Remove Suspected Cheaters From Casino, This can include card counters, etc.
  • Interview and Hire Workers

While they do have a larger amount of tasks given they are running the gambling side of the casino there pay equals out. The average salary of a Bingo Manager is $79,690.

See more information here.

5.Horse Rider/Exerciser 

The reason I love writing these articles is I also get to learn alongside you guys. I honestly thought I should change my career when I saw this next opportunity.

If you have ever been to a horse race you then you technically have had an encounter with a horse exerciser. Think of a Horse Rider/Exerciser in the same perspective as the practice squad for a football team. They will ride and condition the horse on the off days of competitions.

So that when race day rolls around they will be less susceptible to injury and be warmed up to run their best.

Some of the duties of a Horse Rider/Exerciser are:

  • Keep good communication with race trainers
  • Be on a horse ranging anywhere from 6-8 hours a day

While riding a horse can be a very enlightening job you will also need to make sure that you know the risks of the position. If you love working with animals then this will be the perfect candidate for you. The average salary in 2017 was $54.061.

See more information here.

6.Nuclear Diver

A lot of people love to go diving for a hobby but I do not know of many that like to go diving into nuclear reactors. This is why this career is such a rare one.

Given that nuclear diving is such a rare career there is a good amount of people wanting to go into the field. You’re only able to dive once every few months to reduce the amount of radiation you are potentially opening your body up to.

The average salary of a Nuclear Diver can range anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000. This will all depend on where you are and if you have different certifications.

See more information here.

7.Celebrity Dog Walker

Just like a horse exerciser, if you enjoy being around animals then this next is just for you. You have probably heard of becoming a dog walker. Those guys tend to just walk the average dog, who do you think are walking the A-list celebrities dogs?

Becoming a Celebrity Dog Walker can have many benefits, from handling some of the most expensive and pampered animals. To potentially meeting the owners.

Just image walking Will Smiths dog and meeting him every week. You can just imagine some of the responsibilities of Celebrity dog walkers.

Some of them include:

  • Walking and providing exercise for animal
  • Feeding and Watering animal during walking period
  • Notifying owner and veterinary clinic if the animal is hurt during the walker’s supervision.

While this seems like just a walk in the park. In some aspects, these animals are worth more than our houses. So the stakes are high. The average dog walker can make $30,000 while the higher side can be $43,000.

Though there is no technical education required the walker needs to be experienced with animals.

See more information here.

8.Wind Turbine Technician 

Imagine being 328 feet up in the air working on a broken Turbine. It is predicted that by 2030 almost all of our energy will be from renewable sources. In other terms, this means job security. If you’re up for a climb though.

Some of the key responsibilities of a Wind Turbine Technician are:

  • Working on Mechanical, hydraulic and other mechanical parts
  • Provide Routine Maintenance
  • Replace worn and malfunctioning parts

While these are just a few different responsibilities that come with the job, there are a few more when you’re dealing with a machine worth $114,000 dollars.

The average income of a Wind Turbine Technician in 2014 was $57,000. This is to increase each year due to the demand for renewable energy.

See more information here.


While it is fine to go the route everyone else is going, you might want to look into a career that maybe people are overlooking.

Just make sure whatever you choose to do for a career that it is your passion. It shouldn’t be a paycheck, it should be fun

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7 Proven Ways To Get Rich – How To Get Rich

7 Proven Ways To Get Rich - How To Get Rich

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While there isn’t just one way to get rich there are some proven methods to get you close. I will try to order them in importance but they will be all equally important.

First, you need to understand what your idea of rich is.

What all have different perceptions of what rich is. Some of us want to be financially rich while some of us want to be rich in the sense of family and happiness. Once you figure out what your vision is, make sure you stick with it.

Now that you have an idea of what your rich is we can start working towards it.

1.Reduce Your Debt

 “It is only through labour and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage; that we move on to better things.” Theodore Roosevelt

If you have had the chance to deal with credit card or student loan debt then you understand the stresses. The bad thing about debt is that it’s always on your mind, there is always the thought of paying it off. Which in turn can create a great deal of stress for you?

I will organize this section into 2 different categories:

  1. The first one will be for the folks that haven’t made any payments and interest have accrued beyond their imagination.
  2. The second section will be the ones that are making steady payments but want to pay off it quickly.

1a. Rebuilding Your Loan History

The great thing about lending companies is that they just want their money back. No matter where you are at with them debt wise, they just want to get some of the financial help they provided back.

Some steps you can take is to call the establishment. This will show that you are wanting to settle the bad history of missed payments. One thing you need to take into account when going through this is that you need to be honest about everything.

Let them know that you have made mistakes but it is time to turn it around. They will ask more about your income and what you are able to pay towards the credit.

1b. Buying Out The Credit

This step can depend on how far behind you are on payments. Loan companies after a while of not collecting any money on your account will then sell your account to a debt collection agency.

The beautiful thing about this is that you can actually buy out the debt for about half the value. They just want to make a few bucks on your account.

To know if your account has been sold start returning the numbers that have been calling you or even mailing you letters. Ask them if you can buy out the account and then offer half the value they are asking for if they say no that you can work your way up until they say yes.

2a. Quickly Pay Off Debt

If you have been making your monthly payments for a while then you understand seeing that number slowly go down. One thing to note is are you making just the monthly payments or paying off your balance.

The way credit cards and loans work is that they collect interest on a balance that isn’t paid in full. So when you get your next bill look at what the balance is and what the minimum monthly payment is. If you cannot pay the full amount pay as much as you can.

When you make just the minimum payment they will collect interest on the money you haven’t paid yet. Which will keep you in the rabbit hole with no sight of the end? If you want to learn more about making some extra money on the side you can read this article.


There are a few different way’s you can go about saving for retirement. Some of them being IRA’s, Direct Deposit Saving accounts, and 401k’s. We will jump into what a few of these mean so you can which route is best for you.

If you want to better understand what IRA’s are you can read an article I wrote on how to invest $1000.

Direct Deposit Savings Account

Just like setting up a 401k you can also set up a direct deposit. You would use the same process of taking the money out of your paychecks and then put it straight into a checking or savings account.

You would submit to your employer that you would want to take 4% of your check and deposit it to another account. This is can usually be done relatively easy nowadays.

The only thing I would watch out about this method is the return rate on a savings account. Nowadays the average percentage rate is .0052 which is less than nothing in comparison. Now hear me out, I am not saying that this isn’t possible to make money back on, it just won’t yield the result like other accounts.

The U.S News set up a great article on setting up a 401k.

When setting up accounts for retirement you want to make sure that they will yield a profit. Or when 60+ comes rolling around you will not be in the ideal situation.

3.Hard Work

“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

I love inserting little quotes into these articles, hopefully, they will motivate you. If you are wanting to get rich, you will have to work like you are rich. The internet has created this idea of “Overnight Success”.

Even I will scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see everyone repping what they have. This will discourage me because I will work super hard for one day and expect to already have that. What I had to learn was that some of those people spent a good 10 years in the mud before they got their chance.

Becoming rich isn’t for everyone and it isn’t as easy as people make it sound. Like I said in the first section, you need to understand what rich is to you. Becuase to get to your vision you will have to skip a lot of events, fun, and all the other things to work hard and build your dream.

If you have ever heard of Andy Frisella(MFCEO) then you have an idea of what hard work is. I will link us to one of his videos if you want his story on how he became rich.

4.Make More Money

Understanding how to become rich is one of the things people have been trying to conquer for decades. Everyone for some reason thinks that there is some secret trick that will make you super wealthy. But actually, it is a series of consistent and calculated taken steps.

The key to becoming rich is to make more money. Yes, it is as simple as that, the more you make the more you can earn. Once you start figuring out how to make more money you can then develop paths to increase that money 10x.

If you are working at a job right now there are a few things that can get you on track. Start right now and write down what you do once you get home from. I bet it is relaxing huh?

Relaxing isn’t an issue as our body is designed to rest sometimes, though I bet you a large amount of time on social media, video games or other things are not making you money. If you want to learn how to become rich you need to work like the rich.

I have probably used this quote in another article but Elon Musk once said:

If other people are putting in 40 hours in a week, and you’re putting in 100, you will achieve in four months, what it takes them a year to achieve. – Elon Musk

If you wanting to learn how to make some extra money that you can invest when you have free time.

5.Invest In Real Estate 

The best investment you can make besides in yourself is in real estate. The reason is that the world isn’t getting any larger and they aren’t building any more land. In other terms, this means that property will only gain value.

Just how we talked about retirement in the section of real estate will help get you set up for retirement. Once you start investing in real estate it will make you start saving, unlike 78% of people. When you own property you will then have to maintain it.

If you decide to invest in real estate you can either invest in just empty land or commercial/resident buildings. Both commercial/resident buildings will yield profits if you can provide a safe and clean place to rent. This means that if you have an apartment complex with 300 units. You buy the complex for 15 Million, each unit pays $700 a month.

You will be making a straight profit in no time.

6. Consistency

No matter what you are doing to become right you will not make it if you aren’t being consistent. Besides hard work consistency is another included must. You can’t just have a one and done. You will have to be putting in the work every single day and still learning how to become better.

Remember the more value you can provide the more you will receive. Like a good friend of mine said “You want to be worth a dang”


Basically, before you can learn how to get rich you need to take all these factors into play. Remember the biggest thing you can do is take action. Whether that be paying off your debt or investing your money, please do it to your best.

We only get one chance at this. So let’s make it worth wild.

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23 Unusual Jobs To Start Making Money On The Side

23 Unusual Jobs To Start Making Money On The Side

23 Unusual Jobs To Start Making Money On The Side

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1. Yard Work

Whether you live in a large city or a small town, there will always be a need for yard work. Yard work can consist about any different thing so it will be super easy to find jobs.


Some different examples of yard work could include:

  • Mowing Lawns – Mowing Lawns can become a great source of income throughout the summer. If you can do a consistent and great job then you will have clients each week. Remember grass never stops growing.
  • Raking Leaves – Though this can be down when mowing lawns, you can rake leaves when fall comes around.
  • Trimming Shrubs – If you have drove around town you probably have seen some pretty ugly shrubs in front of houses.

While yard work can be a great way to earn some extra money on the side, it will take a bit of upstart. There will be a few different pieces of equipment you will need.

To start you can post an ad on facebook in local groups and you can drive/walk around town looking for houses that have not had anything taken care of.

Also, the income depends solely on you, that means you can control as much as you make. If you want to make an extra $500 a week then you can get home from work or school and start mowing!

The only thing that could create some issues are the seasons. If you live in a state besides California, Florida, or any other state that is predominantly warm then this will be a seasons side hustle

2. Snow Removal 

Just like Mowing lawns the consistency of this could depend on where you are located. When I was 18, every day that it snowed I would wake up at 8 am and walk the streets of my town looking for future prospects. 

You probably think that you need one of those big trucks with a plow on the front? That is not true at all, they usually have a great deal of businesses to plow before they even think about residential areas. That is where you come in!

When they are plowing businesses you can start walking and or driving around from how to house asking if they need their driveway and sidewalk shoveled.

Let’s say you charge $20 per house, if you can do just 10 houses a day that is an extra $200. 

Anybody will throw money at you to go out in the cold and do something they do not want to do.

3. Sell Things Online

Have you ever heard of dropshipping?

Basically dropshipping is where you set up a website that sells a specific product (Cups, Bowls, Games) anything really. You will then start sending out ads that target specifically the people that are interested in your products.

When they get to your website and buy that cup worth $24, you will then go to amazon or any other wholesaler and buy that same product for $7 then have it shipped to your buyer. That means that you will have a $17 profit, before advertising costs.

In other terms, you can upcharge a product and then buy for really cheap online then send it to the consumer and keep the margin.

I know this might sound like a lot of work but it is actually very simple. Alex Becker has a lot of very good videos about how to set up a online store.

4. Create A Course

Do you have a skill that other people are looking to learn? Whether that be writing, reading, or anything else you could think of on the face of the earth you can teach it. Creating courses has never been so simple with the amount of learning resources out there.

You are probably think that there is no way that someone hasn’t already taught a course for what you know? Well while that is true, they didn’t teach the way you teach. When you go creating a course it then becomes unique, they will be able to learn something from you that they couldn’t ever learn from someone.

Like I said above there are tons of platforms that you can start creating courses online.

I will include some below:

5. Cash in on your vehicle

Have you heard of services like uber or lyft? Well these are great opportunities for getting the full value out of your vehicle. The process of signing up and becoming a driver is super simple.

Also if you have an airport near you, you can sign up to take people to and from the airport.

Some of the great perks of being a drive are:

  • You Make Your Hours – You can decide when you want to drive and when you do not. Using these apps you just swipe a button and decide when you are on the clock.
  • Income Is Based On You – Just like any side hustle, it depends on how bad you want it. Uber and Lyft allow you to drive as much as you want, which means make as much as you want.
  • Pay For Your Car – If you have another job, this can be a great way to pay off your car. If you car payment is $300 a month then you can easily make that extra driving and knock out that payment.

Here are some of the Services:

6. Create Crafts

Do you have a sweater you created or even a notebook that you designed?

You can make money on the side by selling your custom made crafts. There are tons of outlets to potentially get your product out there.

You can sell at your local market in your town or even harness the power of the internet.

Here are some great platforms:

Here are some great tutorials:

7. Do Odd Jobs

The thing about odd jobs is that it can be anything you can think off. 

Maybe someone needs help hanging a T.V, or maybe someone needs help having some brush hauled off. You might even encounter someone needing help with hooking up there computer. So you will ever know what you will get.

Another thing about doing odd jobs is that you can find anything you might find enjoyable.

8. Rent Things Out

If you have extra things in your house then you can go about the process of renting your items out.

There are plenty of people that need what you have just for a little bit of time. I recently rented a few power tools because I did not want to go buy a full set when I was using it once. It is very useful for the consumer while make you a profit on things you do not necessarily use 24/7.

If you feel comfortable enough you can also rent out rooms in your house, airbnb has created a revolutionary movement for renting out rooms in your house.

The great thing for you is that you can charge whatever you want for your room, I have seen rooms that are easily $100+ a night. The thing about airbnb is that it is easier way to book a room if you are going to another town. Most of the time the rates can be lower than a hotel so take that into account when opening your room.

9. Graphic Designer

Are you great a designing? Are you looking to build up your portfolio and make money at the same time. You can become a graphic designer.

Graphic design has and always will be one of the backbones of a company, it is what visually attracts you. That means that you will always have a job.

There are some great platforms that are built for graphic design:

As you can see there are tons of opportunities to work as a graphic designer on the side.

10. Freelance 

Freelancing is a bit larger market then just graphic design. Freelancing is where you do non contract work for employers or individual people.

Freelance can actually  open up a lot of opportunities like building your portfolio and working with a diverse group of companies Freelancing can be a great side hustle because you also have the opportunity to network.

I have one girl that writes for me that once I grow larger I will be looking to hire her. That is the same process for other companies, if you provide enough value and make the process smooth. Companies have a hard enough time finding employees that will meet there standards and they will basically already know your work ethic and you.

11. Part Time Job

If you have a full time job this can become a little taxing on you but can get you ahead really quickly. Getting a part time job can be a great thing if you need to pay off some extra bills.

I worked 2 jobs when I was 20 to be able to pay off some extra credit card debt. The biggest hurdle I had to pass was making sure I stayed organized and got to both jobs on time. If you do go about getting a part time job make sure to talk to your current employer about it.

When you start applying for other jobs make sure to tell the employer that you have a full time commitment and give them the hours to work around. The last thing you want to do is for both of your schedules to collide and you have to choose.

12. Car Detailing

If you do not mind dirty environments then this next detailing cars can be a great way to make money on the side. Car Detailing is where a consumer will bring in a car that has not been cleaned and have you fully clean it. This can range from cleaning just the outside or a full in and out.

If you do not know how to market yourself just yet you could work with a dealership to provide you cars to detail. They usually have a large amount that need freshened up for potential customers.

13. Recycle 

Recycling everyday products have been around for decades. From walking old dirt roads finding plastic to taking a metal detector over beaches to find metal. Though this will not make you rich this can provide you a little extra income on the side.

Fun Fact: When I was younger my parents would take us down a dirt road and pick up all the plastic bottle and we would split the profit. This taught us a lot about working for what we wanted.

There are a few everyday items that you can recycle easily:

  • Electronics
  • Batteries
  • Plastic
  • Metal

14. Become A Personal Trainer

Though this does have some upfront costs the rewards could be endless. Personal Trainers have the ability to not only make their own schedule they can also make their own hourly wage.

Becoming a personal trainer can not only get you into most of a fitness lifestyle but you also get to help other people change their lives. How great is that?

If you are interested in learning where to get certifications:

15. Tutor

If you are anything like I was in school then you can understand how much tutors are in need. A lot of kids are having a hard to grasping what they are learning in school with all the distractions.

If you are great with different school subjects you can do personal tutoring. This will offer a extra source of income and you will be able to do something that already comes natural to you. The great thing with tutoring is that you can do it online and in person.

You can contact your local school or college and apply to become a tutor.

16. Participate In Research Studies

Have you seen those T.V Commercials or Radio ads asking for people to stay overnight in a research center to be observed. These companies observe individuals and how to they react to different scenarios.

Also the payout can be pretty well.

17. Donate Blood 

You can either do this for money or just the kindness of your heart. Donating blood is a great way to make extra money on the side because it you have an abundance of it. You can also regenerate it very quickly.

If you have a rare type of the blood they will be basically begging for you.

Another way you can make money with your blood is donating at your local plasma centers. Plasma can be donated twice a week. The payout depends on how much you donate which in turn depends on your weight. Though you have the potential to earn up to $20 to $50

18. Sell Your Body

Okay, I am not in any way condoning illegal activity when I say sell your body. What I mean is that you can use your body to make extra money by selling it to an art firm. Art firms are always looking for models for people to draw.

You can also model other peoples clothing, if you become good enough at it. It could become a full time career.

19. Start A Blog

Creating a blog is a super simple way to earn extra money on the side. Though the money might not be right up front if you provide enough value it will come.

You can come home from work and write an article a night, it can be anything you feel passionate about. That is the beautiful thing about blogging. You can tell a story the way you see it.

Once you start a blog you can tie the course creation section into this and have multiple routes for passive income.

20. Write a Kindle Ebook

Writing a Kindle Ebook is a very simple process. Just like creating a course you can literally write about anything. An average Ebook is anywhere from 10k-20k words.

Okay I know that sounds like a lot but if you write 1000 words a day then you will done within three weeks.

Once you finished your EBook you can go through a self publication process to get your book published. It is a great feeling, trust me.

21. Garage Sale Arbitrage

If you seen the show “American Pickers” then you basically understand what this process is. On saturday and sundays when most of the garage sales come out you will go around town and scavenge through their junk.

Like the saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.

When you find something you think you can sell you can then either start a etsy,facebook or online shop to resell your items.

A lot of resellers use platforms like:

22. Sign Up For Swagbucks

SwagBucks is a website that pays you in points for what you already basically do. Once you join the website you will be able to surf the web, watch videos, takes surveys all in exchange for points.

So if you want to sit at your computer for a few hours to rack up some points the you an read more here.

23.Become A Virtual Assistant

There’s A lot of business leaders out there that do not have the need for a assistant near them. This is because they usually work from home, and that would be interesting.

Basically all you do is sign up on these select websites:

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