How To Make An Extra $100 This Weekend

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So you want to make an extra $100 today huh? Maybe you want to take your partner out to dinner or you want to get that new T.V or maybe you even want to invest and get on your way to financial freedom. Whatever the reason is, get ready to hustle this weekend because we are going to make $100+.

Making an extra $100 isn’t as hard as you think it will just take a little bit of creative thinking and hard work. While these methods aren’t guaranteed they will get you close to making your goal if you work hard and get the ball rolling.

So let’s get going.

Yard Sales

When I was younger my grandmother would take us kids out every weekend and go to town and visit every garage sale. Though our main intent wasn’t to sell what we found, it would intrigue us what other people decided to get rid of.

If you have children you can take them with you also, they would have the time of their life I promise.

That is the beautiful thing about yard sales, they can become a family business. You can teach your children about being an Entrepreneur and working hard. Yard Sales occur almost every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays which can potentially turn your income into weekly events.

Yard Sales are great to make extra cash at because people are usually wanting to get rid of items for relatively cheap and then you can go ahead and turn a profit online.

What’s that saying?

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

Well, that is exactly what it is your treasure. The variety of different things you can find at a yard sale is amazing.  A man once bought a painting at a yard sale for $45 then later got it appraised for almost 200 million dollars. While you can have that kind of luck let’s focus on what we can turn a profit on.

So before you just go out and start spending cash let’s get some ideas of what we are looking for:

  • Books – If you find a lot of books you can repost them on eBay and sell them pretty fast. Books hold their value well. This is the same with weapons. Though I would watch out reselling weapons at first.
  • Art – Though pictures can be a gamble the turnout can be pretty large, I take a photo of the actual painting and google search it. This will show any similar paintings.
  • Kid’s Toys – Kids toys are a great way to turn around a quick profit. Mom’s love buying used clean toys just because it will just get ruined quickly anyways.

Once you have found something that you think could turn a profit. You will need a few items to make a nice listing on some of the platforms you will be selling on.

Here are the items:

  • Black Backdrop – You will need this backdrop for the images you will be posting. When you use backdrops it shows the buyer that you are more trustworthy, as there are a few scams on eBay and Facebook from time to time.
  • Camera – Your camera doesn’t have to be a $3,000 camera but it does need to be one that takes good photos. If you are posting crappy photos you will not get people buying your product, think of your image as a doorway to your listing. The better the door the most people want to come in.
  • An Account – The way this will work is thinking about how many different places you can get the item onto. With the number of social media platforms and selling platforms, it shouldn’t take long to get your product sold. You can use the following websites. CraigslistFacebook Market, eBay, this will give you a good start on traffic.

After you get all of these things down it should be no time before you get the item sold. I just want you to know that if it is not a good item that it might never sell. So you need to take into account the possibility of your item not selling.

If you can get past that then you will be golden. Just keep testing and selling :)!

 Drive with Lyft Or Uber

If you have a reliable car and some extra time then you can become a Lyft Or Uber driver. Basically what this means is that you will be a contracted Taxi.

Though you will not be an actual “Taxi”, you will be getting riders from point A to point B. This extra income can actually pay for your car payment or anything else you might be paying. It has been shown that on some busy weekends that drivers can earn up to $400. I know we said we were just trying to make $100, but I will take the larger number.

You are probably thinking to yourself “Wow I don’t want a random stranger in my car”. Well, I thought that too before I looked further into the service. The driver get’s to decide if he wants to give the client the ride, they usually have a profile with a user rating from past drivers. This will help you know if it will be a good fit for you.

The process of becoming a driver is very simple and well described on their websites. I will link both of them below.

You can browse through both of their sites and see which is the best for you. You will also be able to find more in-depth information than I provided here.


Deliver Food

This section will actually be a sub-service of what listed above. Uber has now offered a server called “Uber Eats”. Basically what UberEats does is deliver food that you ordered through your app.

So think of this kinda like a pizza delivery man but not really. If you live in a larger city then you will benefit more from this then you guys who live in smaller ones.

How this works is that the user will put all their card information into the app and place their order at a list of selected restaurants. Once they place the order it will be sent to you with the details, and you will go to the restaurant and pick the order up and deliver it.

Here is a video that can explain it better for you!

Write Lists for List Verse

If you are a good writer or just have a bunch of random top 10’s in your head then this can be your best way to make some extra cash. ListVerse is a website that publishes different types of lists.

What I mean by a list is that they publish articles like:

  • Top 10 Factories in the UK
  • 15 Favorite Dog Treats
  • 7 Best Colors For Weddings

In other terms you can actually write about anything, they just want more and more content on their website. The beautiful thing about them wanting content is that they are willing to pay a great deal for it. If your article gets approved you will be making $100 per article.

That means if you are a decent writer that can pump out 4 articles then you could potentially make $400 in 1 day, so $800 the whole weekend.

To able to get paid for your articles make sure you take some of these writing techniques into account:

  • Clickable Titles – What I mean by this is that you need to write a title that envokes curiosity, something that gets the user to click and want to learn more.
  • Interesting List – Though some of the articles get repeated just in different articles try to write about something that could gain traffic. Make sure that you enjoy the content and you are knowledgeable about it. This will help with viewer engagement and list verse asking for you to write more articles.
  • Formatting – This is a big one. You need to make sure that the user can read the article and stay interested. I have written an article on how to write better. I think this will help you get articles that will be read more throughout.

If you combine all of these little tips you will be on your way to making money as a writer. Making money as a writer is super easy since you can literally do it from almost anywhere.

Mechanical Turk

This option has been around for a while but still hasn’t caught much traction. Basically what Amazon did was create a website in which people request little tasks to be done. Most of the time it is business people that do not have time to do it.

That is where you come in though, you have the whole weekend to complete their busy work!

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