How To Work Harder - 6 Effective Ways To Start Working Harder

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Learning how to work harder is  daily battle for millions of people on earth.

We are all trying to understand how to motivate ourselves, how to not get distracted, and how to just get more done.This is what everyone faces so do not think you are alone. The great thing about working hard is that it can be taught and learned.

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There would be a time where I would spend all day writing an article because I would get distracted and not work as hard as I could. Now what took all day is taking me only an hour.

Learning some of these key steps can do major improvements on your work ethic and your life.

Though it cannot be done in a day or a month it can be done. Everyone takes their own set amount of time to start developing new habits.

We will go over some key steps to improving your work ethic. Though this might not work exactly for you can take certain things you like and apply them to your life. Throughout this whole process, you need to be optimistic because there will be some bumpy roads.

Set Time Frames

Learning how to set productive and efficient time frames is one the key steps to start gaining your work ethic back. Our body loves doing new things, and if you have a little bit of ADHD like me then you can spend all day doing a bunch of random things.

Have you ever noticed when you start working that you get tired and get distracted really easily? Well, that is because your focus probably isn’t built fully up.

You might not even have a work ethic problem, it might just be a focus. I have met tons of people that they can work so hard but their focus sent them on the wrong path.

It is totally okay though, a lot of people in the world actually haven’t been able to fully learn the concept of focus.

The interesting thing about focus is that it can be trained just like any other thing. We will just need to work on it. I have been using time frames, this sets my brain in a work mode for my allocated time then rest in the breaks.

What I mean by this is:

  • Allocated Time – This is the time you will perform your hardest. Start by setting your stopwatch for 30 minutes, during that 30 minutes do not do anything else except for the task at hand. This will start training your brain to stay focused on one thing. No one likes a wondering brain.
  • Breaks – For every 30 minutes of work you can take a 10-20 minute break to recharge and congratulate yourself. The great thing about this break period is that you have the time to think about what you could have done quicker and get ready for your next work session.

Once you start getting your time frames down and productivity up you can start setting goals to make yourself even more efficient, I will explain further down in the article on ways to set goals.

From my experience you can start seeing result almost immediately if you start setting working periods, it helped me because I knew that I had to work in that period compared to make just wanting to work.

Work For A Reason

It has been shown for thousands of years that humans work best if they have a reason to work. We just do not do things for no reason, and if you do you wouldn’t be reading this article.

If you work hard and you do your best, you can do anything – Erin Heatherton

Whatever your reason is, make sure to accept it. No matter how bad it is.

Like Gary Vaynerchuck said, it doesn’t matter what your motivation is. Accept it and keep going, we all have different motivators. While yours might be to buy that new car mine might be to build a company that makes a broader impact.

We need to learn to accept our motivators and keep moving. That means pushing out everyone’s opinions and keep working. Because remember Hard Work, Works!

Figure Out Your Sleep Schedule

Studies have shown a distinct correlation between your work ethic and the actual amount of sleep you get. They have also noticed that people can do better at different sleep cycles.

Understanding when you work hardest is a key step to learning how to perform at 100% all the time. Sleep is a very valuable thing if it is used correctly. You and I know people who probably sleeps 12-13 hours a day, though they get a lot of sleep a lot of their life is spent sleeping.

That is not us though, we need to figure out what set time is best for us. Each person has a different amount of sleep they can survive and thrive on. For myself, I need 8 hours of sleep to function properly. I have tried 6 hours, 4 hours, and different sleep cycles.

AsapScience did a very great job on explaining the different amounts of sleep you need. Like I said above, each person has a different amount of sleep they need. Just make sure when you wake up you can feel alert enough to know that you need to work harder.

Because what is the point to waste 3 hours trying to tell yourself to work harder when you could have slept for 1.5 more hours and worked the other 1.5.

Set Goals

I mentioned this one briefly in the first section, goal setting is one of the biggest keys to helping you work harder. Effective goals can show how much time you spent on a task, which tasks are important, and what you still need to do.

Having goals and benchmarks will help you visually see your progress. And honestly, after you start seeing 10 things crossed off it starts becoming addicting. Though do not set little goals, you need a nice medium between stretch goals and goals that you can knock out.

You can start by having a few different types of goals on your list:

  • Important Tasks – These tasks need to be done first, these are Vitale for your day to keep going. Some examples can be taking a shower and getting to work. Just insert yours.
  • Little Additives – I like to call these the little additive section because the more you add the more little things you can get done. I like adding little things like, do the dishes, publish another pinterest image. It’s the little things that can help you add a little more joy.
  • What you want – Yes work is on the schedule 24/7 but you cannot forget about things you want to do. Remember that saying “Work hard, Play Hard”. Think of it in that retrospect. You always want to reward yourself for doing well.

Take Control

Ultimately working harder is all up to you. It’s about how bad you want to change your life and how much you want t to get done. Working hard is different in each person’s eyes, what I find as hard work might be different from what you find hard work to be.

Tai Lopez actually had a great way of explain this:

The Amish have a incredibly work ethic, we went to bed at 7pm and woke up at 4:30am. Once we came in for lunch we have already completed 8 hours of labor then we would go back out and complete another 8 hours.

We all have our different ideas of what hard work is, if you are trying to work harder for a boss figure out what his idea of hard work is. This will tell you where your work ethic needs to be.

If you do not start taking control of your life and your work ethic you will be in the same place you were last year reading this article. There is another good quote I have used in another article on habits.

If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten – Tony Robbins

Time To Make Progress

Remember this will take time and will not be perfect 24/7. It is all about trial and error. I am interested in hearing how your progress has been! Leave a comment below and thank you for reading!

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